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BOTE Aero Rover At ICAST 2018 Ric Burnley

Blow-up standup paddleboard can be powered by six-horse gas engine

As expected, BOTE brought the nicest, new SUP to the party. No one expected them to bring an inflatable micro-skiff? The Rover AERO is a blow-up version of their Rover motor-powered standup paddleboard; they call it a motoboard. Using their AERO technology makes the board super stiff and tough. Multiple air chambers keep the deck strong enough to support a small gas engine.

We tested the AERO construction on the Rackham Aero and found it the stiffest inflatable SUP on the water. The mini-boat comes with the motor bracket and anglers can add a leaning post and other cool accessories like KULA coolers. The Rover AERO includes BOTE’s nicest features like tie downs and gear attachments to make the board a fully-rigged fishing machine. A manual and hand pump, patch kit, paddle and the board fit into a water-resistant and super tough travel case that falls into airline requirements for checked baggage.

The Rover AERO makes it possible to take a serious fishing SUP or skiff anywhere in the world. 

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