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NuCanoe Flint Pivot Drive Fishing Kayak Alex Traynor

Removable Pivot Drive System Can Be Used On Multiple NuCanoe Models

Fine wine takes time, and so does designing a reliable pedal system for a fishing kayak. NuCanoe has been working on their Pivot Drive system for a couple years and the final (almost) version was on the water at the ICAST 2018 demo day.

It takes time and testing to design a pedal unit that will fit their existing Frontier 12, Flint and Pursuit models. NuCanoe president, Blake Young, pointed out some of the changes.

They’ve redesigned the tower to be more reliable while still using the belt drive and gears. The Pivot Drive pivots fore and aft to dial in fit and provide more deck space for fishing. The pedals are connected to the propeller in the stern with a flexible shaft.

Steering is controlled with a joy stick on the seat. Placing the propeller in the stern improves handling; the Pivot Drive is one of the tightest-turning, most responsive systems we’ve tested. When the propeller hits an obstruction, it pops up without damaging the lower unit. Young is working on making it easy to install the Pivot Drive without drilling into the kayak. We like the ability to paddle the NuCanoe when we’re going shallow or out for a quick spin then add the pedals when we plan to fish farther from launch.

NuCanoe fans with more than one model will be able to switch pedals from one boat to another. And first-time buyers can purchase the boat and add pedals later. We’re excited about testing out the final version in the real world, but we’re willing to wait for perfection.

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