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The Ocean Kayak Malibu PDL Photos by Ric Burnley

Riding in the ‘Bu

Malibu, California is a playground of sun and sand and surf and Ocean Kayak’s new Malibu pedal kayak captures that fun and excitement in a easy to love package. 

Many pedal kayaks are designed with high primary stability, huge open deck and high gunnels for serious fishing in backwaters and big inland lakes and ponds. True to their coastal roots, Ocean Kayak designed the first pedal kayak for big, open water. 

Malibu 2
A sturdy and comfortable frame seat makes it easy to pedal the Malibu all day. 

The high volume bow is curved up to cut through the water and ride over waves. The keel has a pronounced rockers for improved control, especially surfing in to the beach. Reduced primary stability makes the Malibu easier to turn and rock and roll over waves, but the secondary stability is rock solid for easy standing in any conditions. At 12-feet long, the boat has enough waterline to track straight. A 34-inch beam provides confident stability. 

mailbu 3
The stern well has a molded in seat for kids or pets. 

The topside of the boat is designed for fun in the sun, too. An open bow well holds gear secured with a mesh cover. The frame seat is a simplified version of the comfortable throne on the Predator that moves forward and back with the same pull-button controls. Gear tracks on either side of the cockpit make it easy to add fishing accessories. The stern well is small, but covered with bungees to hold tackle boxes and gear bags. It’s even molded with a jump seat for a young rider. For dry storage, they included a click-seal hatch under the kayak seat. The rudder is controlled with a knob on the starboard side and another lever on the port side lifts and lowers the rudder. 

Malibu 4 fixed
Ocean Kayak borrowed the PDL pedal system from Old Town for powerful and reliable propulsion.

The star of the show is the proven PDL pedal system. The engineers at Old Town worked tirelessly to build their pedal system and their pro staff worked tirelessly to tear it apart. Sister company Ocean Kayak borrowed the PDL and adjusted it to fit in a more compact package.

While the Malibu Pedal isn’t designed specifically for fishing, there’s plenty of room to add rod holders and gear storage to make the boat an ocean fishing machine. Whether you live in sunny California, the wide-open middle states or along the wild East Coast, Ocean Kayak’s Malibu will bring sun, sand and surf to your home waters. 

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