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The mailbu kayaks stealth 12 Photo By: Malibu Kayaks

Malibu Kayaks reintroduced their Stealth 12 to the kayak fishing world at Outdoor Retailer 2017. The new Stealth has a plug-and-play center livewell system with a new added six-inch hatch with a removable bucket for dry storage. Instead of a regular lift tab, the livewell system has an integrated base with a four-point locking system. The drainage system has also been upgraded so it is watertight. 

 Malibu Tankwell
The plug-and-play tankwell.

Another upgrade for the Stealth is the gator hatch system. On top of the hatch is Malibu Kayak's patented child seat. Under the seat is a waterproof hatch that can be accessed while kayaking. The hatch is perfect for storing your fresh catch, instead of trailing it behind your kayak. 

 casting post
The casting post is attached to the bottom of the seat.

One of Malibu Kayak's best upgrades is the new seat. Think of a really comfortable computer chair, and that is what this seat feels like. It has a dual anondized aluminum finish, 3d moisture wicking fabric and four available positions. When the seat folds up, there is a telescoping casting post in the bottom, which can also be used as an accessory mount. 

To see all of the cool new Malibu Kayaks products, check out the video below:


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