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FeelFree’s new Dorado Kayak Photo By: Kayak Angler

FeelFree’s new all-in-one boat wows the crowd

ICAST 2017 was buzzing about FeelFree’s new Dorado kayak. This is a massive fishing machine with pedals, motors and paddle power. The boat features all the FeelFree favorites like the Gravity seat and Wheel in the Keel. Then, they added great new features not seen on any other kayak. 

The boat comes pre-wired and rigged with five LED lights: nav lights, two cockpit lights and a stern light. When we walked into the booth, a crowd had gathered around the Overdrive motor and pedal system. The Dorado comes with the pedal system and rigged lever-controlled rudder. The motor system is available as an add on. The brushless motor is operated with a remote control and a digital display shows battery power, speed and other information. The motor and lights operate off any 12 volt battery.

Dorado 2

To accommodate the weight and power of the motor and pedals, the Dorado uses a cathedral tri-hull that has two outer pontoons and a central pontoon with deep channels in between. This keeps the boat tracking straight and super stable. On the top side, they installed molded inserts in the gunnels that make great storage for tackle trays and gear while increasing the hull’s stiffness and reduce weight. The Dorado comes in at 12-feet, five-inches long, 38-inches wide, and weighs 100 pounds. The price with pedals is $2999 and add the motor for $1400 dollars more. It will be available this winter. And they’re already working on a 32-inch wide open-water model in the works.

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