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Smart design and pre-rigged accessories make the Eddyline C135 YakAttack Edition ready to fish. Smart design and pre-rigged accessories make the Eddyline C135 YakAttack Edition ready to fish. Photo: Kayak Kevin Whitley

Eddyline scores gold with this award-winning fishing kayak.

"And the winner is ... Eddyline C-135!" When Mike Nussman, president of American Sportfishing Association, announced the winner in Best Boat category at the !CAST tradeshow last summer, I wasn't. surprised. When he brought Tom Remsing and crew back up on stage to take Best· in Show, I wasn't surprised, either. For the past four years, fishing kayaks have taken the cake at the show's annual press-choice awards. And Eddyline's C-135 was a shoe-in.

This kayak is as impressive on the show floor as on the water. Eddyline took their thermoforming expertise to the next level with the C-135. The kayaks have a sparkly, shiny finish that is as tough as it is sexy. The process also makes the boat at least 1 0 pounds lighter than similarly sized rotomolded boats. Eddyline partnered with YakAttack to offer a special edition that comes rigged with Zooka Tube rod holders, GearTracs, VisiCarbon Pro light, cup holder, anchor trolley and even a special edition grey BlackPak.

The base model is also available without the bling. A bow hatch and cockpit hatch with insert provide enough usable storage that an angler can leave the crate at home on quick trips. The cockpit hatch is also large enough to hold a small car battery with enough power to run electronics· and a trolling motor. Deck padding provides comfort and traction for a long day of stand-up fishing. I was most excited about the Cloud 1 0 seat. The frame seat features Cloud 1 O's anti-microbial, marine-grade foam and solar weave fabric

that is breathable, supportive and durable. The C-135 boasts four seat positions achieved by moving the seat up, down, back and out in molded channels on the gunwales. With all the hype on the ICAST show floor, I couldn't wait to get the C-135 on the wqter. My opportunity finally came a month later when I picked the kayak up from Appomatox River Sports (www.paddleva. com) in Hampton, Virginia, and took the boat to my favorite test grounds at Owl Creek in Virginia Beach.

The first indication that this boat is special came when I picked it up. Light. Even with the YakAttack accessories attached and BlackPak loaded with tackle boxes, snacks, water and gear, the C-135 is light enough to use a small cart to move it to the launch ramp. The low weight and smooth finish come into play when the wheels meet the pavement.

This boat glides through the water. For a stand­up fishing kayak with wide stance ana high seat, the C-135 paddles with the efficiency of a performance boat. A channeled hull keeps the boat tracking straight. The fine entry on the stern and bow move through the water with little resistance. And the C-1 35 performs equally as well with the angler seated in the low position or standing on the seat in the high position and using a SUP paddle to stalk fish. The C-135 paddles and fishes as good as it looks. And it looks really good.


Read more reviews of the latest fishing kayaks in Kayak Angler's Winter issue!

Read more reviews of the latest fishing kayaks in Kayak Angler's Winter issue!


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