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Rapid Media publishes Kayak Angler and Paddling Magazine. Paddling Magazine also includes an annual  Paddling Trip Guide and an annual Paddling Buyer's Guide.

Both Kayak Angler and Paddling Magazine publish four issues annually, in February (Spring), May (Early Summer) and August (Summer/Fall). We do most of our editorial scheduling in September for the upcoming year, but we accept submissions at any time. We welcome your contributions to Canoeroots. We’re open to ideas—well-written epics, cultural adventures, environmental dilemmas, personality profiles on important paddlers either historic or contemporary, humor, fiction and more. We are always in the market for articles that have depth, emotional impact and take-away value for the reader, complemented by striking photos. The best way to assess our interest in your idea is to send us a brief summary of your idea—a query.

Take some time to become familiar with each of our titles, and then get details about how to pitch each title through the links below.


Paddling Magazine Contributor Guidelines

Kayak Angler Contributor Guidelines




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