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The Bripe coffee system Photo: Bripe
Video: Bripe Brew Pipe

A simple coffee brewing system allows you to make perfect espresso—everywhere

Paddlers who travel in the backcountry and love coffee can finally get a high quality fix—and fast. The Bripe Brew Pipe, a brand new, ultra portable coffee brewing system can make a quick espresso sized shot of coffee on the go. It requires just water, ground coffee and a heat source like a blue flame torch lighter. There’s a catch: the Bripe Brew Pipe is has 25 days left on an Indiegogo funding campaign to raise $48,660.

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The inspiration for the Bripe Brew Pape came from Tim Panek who lives on a mountain in Costa Rica. He wanted to be able to create a great cup of coffee while out trekking and couldn’t find a suitable, simple brewing system to do so. 

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