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Mike Ranta's dog Spitzii on the bow of his canoe from a video when Ranta rescues a moose calf. Photo: Mike Ranta
Video: Mike Ranta

On a second cross-country canoeing expedition, Ranta saves a drowning moose calf

Canoeing 7,500 kilometers across Canada in support of veterans seems pretty heroic to us, but adventurer Mike Ranta went one step further on his enormous journey by rescuing a moose calf.

Of all the days that Ranta had on the water, the best experience was saving a moose calf drowning in logs on Saskatchewan’s Qu’Appelle River. Ranta grabbed the gangly-limbed moose by the ear and carried him into his canoe as Spitzii barked in the bow. The calf fell out and eventually made his way to shore. “It was nuts,” says Ranta.

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