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A man paddling the cedar strip canoe in new film "The Cedar Strip Canoe" Video: Trailguide Pictures
Video: Trailguide Pictures

The perfect video for anyone who has ever aspired to build their own canoe

Trailguide Pictures, a landscape and adventure film company released a new film this week titled “The Cedarstrip Canoe.”
Trailguide Pictures originated nearly a decade ago when cedar-strip canoe builder, Jason Eke, began making videos and posting them on Youtube. Although those videos are crude compared to the company's standards today, they continue to be viewed more than 30,000 times per month and are the most viewed free canoe building videos online. 
The new film is a short 30 minute program geared to anyone who has ever considered building their own canoe. Filmed in high definition, the film outlines the building process of a cedar-strip canoe and also answers some of the more common questions Trailguide Pictures has received over the years.

The Cedarstrip Canoe

“This short film has been something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. As Trailguide Pictures has continued to evolve and improve through better film equipment, and our own experience making films, I’ve wanted to get back and produce a cedarstrip canoe film that adhered closer to what we’re trying to produce today,” says Jason Eke.
Trailguide Pictures had its beginnings in the realm of cedar-strip canoe building and they hope to continue to build on that past by continuing to promote canoe culture. They also understand their audience's desire to “Explore Further” and planning is underway to help take our audience there.
To date, Trailguide Pictures has produced and released three films: “Canoe: Icon of the North”; “Sprint: Canoe and Kayak Racing”; and now “The Cedarstrip Canoe.” The company is also currently working on a new destination style film series to be released later this year.

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