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Canoeists from Rediscover North America on their route. Photo: Rediscover North America
Video: Rediscover North America

The Rediscover North America documentary film shows viewers an inside look at the nine-month expedition

The Rediscover North America expedition released the documentary of their nine-month journey today.

The six-man team canoed 5,200 miles from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean, a massive expedition that ended at the mouth of the Coppermine River in September 2015. The journey included battling the massive water of the Mississippi, paddling through snow and ice and dodging moving forest fires. They moved through 10 states, five provinces and 11 rivers. 

Speaking to Canoeroots in the spring, expedition member Winchell Delano described the feature as a “holistic look” at what it was like to be on a cross-continent journey for nine months. The goal was to bring viewers along on the adventure and provide them with a glimpse into areas few explore, like the tundra and the far north. The documentary is available for rental or purchase here. 


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