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Aaron Hitchins and Will O'Brien paddle in the Yukon in a capture from film Beyond The Roar. Photo: Beyond The Roar
Video: Beyond The Roar

Two childhood friends go on a canoeing and moose hunting trip in the Yukon and learn about living in the moment

"We were in the Yukon to hunt moose, but what we ended up harvesting was the here and now."

In Beyond The Roar two childhood friends unite for an adventure in the Yukon inspired by the untimely death of their childhood friend. Aaron Hitchins and Will O'Brien venture to Northern Canada in memory of friend Andrew Brose, paddling wild water in a canoe loaded down with striking moose antlers. The Rockhouse Motion and Outdoor Life film is anything but a visual trip log however. Intense narration, great editing, drone footage and the natural wonder of the northern landscape surround two friends as they explore teamwork, risk and living in the present moment. 

(Disclaimer: This video contains footage of hunting) 

Watch the full film here

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