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Canoeists charged by elephant in Botswana. Photo: Soul of the Elephant, PBS

Watch as filmmakers and conservationists Dereck and Beverly Joubert come face-to-face with a herd of elephants while paddling their canoe. Their only option is to stare the elephants down. If they try to flee, it could provoke an attack. 

The charge occurred during the filming of PBS documentary, Soul of the Elephant. The couple canoed into the Selinda Reserve in Botswana to get up close and photograph elephants in the unique habitat. In this clip from the documentary an elephant charges at couple. They later discover elephant carcasses downstream and wonder if this is why the elephant was agitated. 

The Jouberts are National Geographic Explorers-in-Residence and among the most prolific wildlife photographers in the world. The couple has been filming and researching African wildlife since the 1980s. They've long used canoes to access hard to reach environments. Their work has focused on the steady decline of big cats and elephants across the globe, a trend that has been heavily affected by habitat loss and poaching.

Learn more about the Jourbet's work at Wildlife Films and find out what you can do to protect endangered wildlife at their foundation, Great Plains Conservation

The Jouberts talk about the elephant charging their canoe and conservation on The Ellen Show

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