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Members of Rediscover North America paddled from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean Photo: Dan Flynn
Video: Dan Flynn

Upcoming documentary features six friends paddling 5,230 miles through 11 states and five provinces

A new trailer has been released for the upcoming documentary Rediscover North America about the 5,230-mile expedition from the Gulf of Mexico to the Arctic Ocean. The expedition saw six friends canoe through 10 states, five provinces and vast bodies of water like the Mississippi River, the Red River, Lake Winnipeg, Lake Athabasca and Great Slave Lake. In September 2015, after nine months paddling, they pulled their canoes out in Kugluktuk, a tiny hamlet in Nunavut (read a post-expedition interview here).

An inside look at a canoe expedition

In late August, a documentary of the expedition will be released. Winchell Delano, expedition member and the film’s narrator, describes the feature as “a holistic look” at what it was like to paddle for nine months. He says much of the motivation for turning the adventure into a documentary was to bring viewers along for the paddle and to expose them to areas they may not know much about it, like the tundra and the far north.

A post-expedition filmmaking process

Working on the film alongside teammate Dan Flynn has been a learning process for both, but Delano says Flynn’s creativity and his own ability to meet deadlines make them a good pair in their goal to produce something that “does the experience justice.”

They are in the scriptwriting phase of the filmmaking process, and Delano says their current challenge is figuring out how to frame the film and form the narrative arc. They have a huge amount of media captured over the span of the expedition to choose from, including contributed content like drone footage from people who met the group along the way.

The lasting effects of a canoe expedition

Eight months after the expedition finished, Delano is still feeling the positive affects of covering two countries by canoe. “I got to cross a lot off the proverbial list,” he says.  He also says one of the best parts of the whole experience was the endless stream of caring, genuinely interested people they met on their route, many of whom he remains in touch with. 

Watch more footage from the expedition here

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