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Cory Trépanier painting in the north Photo: Into the Arctic Project

Artist Cory Trépanier combines painting and canoeing on the remote Thomsen River in Aulavik National Park

Artist Cory Trépanier shares his canoeing and painting journey to Aulavik National Park in this two-part video series in partnership with Parks Canada. The series follows Trépanier as he canoes the Thomsen River, one of the most northern navigable waterways on the continent and the heart of Aulavik National Park. Trépanier is in the midst of his multi-year Into the Arctic quest to capture Canada's north on his canvas. 

Painting and Paddling

Trépanier arrives on Banks Island by plane with canoes, painting panels and gear in tow and spends his subsequent days sketching on the banks of the Thomsen, watching muskox lumber through Arctic wildflowers and paddling through beautiful, paint-worthy landscapes. In 2017 a full-length film will be released and be part of a musem tour of North America with Trépanier's paintings. 

Read more about Trépanier's work here


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