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Video: In the Wake of the Voyageurs Photo: courtesy Anyplace Wild

Watch this clip to see if voyageur life was really as idyllic as it seems

Watch this clip from the tv show Anyplace Wild to see the host take part in a canoe tour of a voyageur route on Lake Superior.

From the filmmakers:

"In this installment, noted Canadian canoeists Michael Peake and Geoffrey Peake team up with host Viehman and his brother, Tom, for a canoe tour of part of the region frequented in the 18th and 19th centuries by French-Canadian canoemen called "voyageurs." These voyageurs hauled valuable beaver pelts in fragile birch bark canoes, shuttling approximately 3,000 miles between Montreal and trading posts scattered all over the far north. They endured many dangers, but crossing stormy Lake Superior was often the toughest part of the journey. The Anyplace Wild crew paddles in a 36-foot replica canoe."

Read more here.

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