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Algonquin Provincial Park is the perfect spot for your next adventure.

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For paddlers who want to go canoe camping, Algonquin Provincial Park is the perfect destination. Access points along the highway 60 corridor can be extremely popular during the season, so Algonquin Outfitters’ Randy Mitson has some advice for canoeists looking to get a little further off the beaten path.

According to Mitson, the west side of Algonquin Park is perfect for the paddler looking to get away, and test their skills. Rain Lake, which can route paddlers into Ralph Bice Lake and the Tim River, offers an excellent launch site that leads directly into the park so you get to the backcountry quicker and enjoy solitude.

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Algonquin Park also has some amazing loops, says Mitson. The Magnetawan access point takes you through Daisy Lake and leads to the Petawawa River. From there you can paddle to Big Trout Lake and then come back through Ralph Bice for a scenic five-day loop.

If you are looking at getting even deeper into the wilderness, the north end of Algonquin Park is where you need to go. Drive an hour on a dirt road to Algonquin Outfitters’ Brent access point on Cedar Lake, which is part of the Petawawa River system. Don’t be discouraged by the long dirt-road, the drive itself hosts a giant meteorite crater for you to explore before you even hit the water.

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