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Trips: Algonquin Park Photo: Robin Tapley

Ontario’s very best canoe camping wilderness

An internationally renowned canoeing destination, Algonquin Provincial Park is famed for its vast maple hills, rocky ridges and thousands of remote wind-swept lakes. About the size of Rhode Island, Ontario’s oldest provincial park has 29 access points located around its periphery, offering access to the remote and rugged Shield interior. Meanwhile, the 56-kilometer-long Highway 60 corridor cuts through the south, making for easy access to car campgrounds and 14 hiking trails, as well as naturalist guided interpretive programs, a visitor’s center and museum.

Algonquin’s expanse would take a lifetime to properly explore. From its modest peaks, a carpet of green teaming with wildlife stretches far into the horizon. I grew up on the edge of the park and have paddled, camped and hiked here for most of my life, yet I still find many surprises within its borders.

Algonquin offers something special during each season: Spring provides great birding and wildlife watching, while summer offers the opportunity for crystal clear, freshwater swims. Tag along...


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