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A man using the prystroke on a canoe. Photo and video by Rapid Media Staff

Maneuvers that will help you paddle all day

Paddling a canoe can be cumbersome and wear you out if you aren't using the proper strokes. The video below will show you how to do the basic J-stroke as well as the basic pry and the drawstroke.

The basic drawstroke will let you move the kayak sideways. This helps if you want to move close to or away from another boat. With this stroke, you want to reach out with your stroke and keep your hands stacked. Draw the blade towards the side of the boat, and finish by bringing the paddle cleanly out of the back of the water. 

The prystroke is another way to move the canoe sideways. It is pretty much the opposite of the drawstroke. Start the paddle close to the stroke and pry away from the boat and exit the blade to bring it back to the start position. This stroke can easily tip your boat, so use it with caution.

The final stroke is the J-stroke. This is a bit of a combination of the draw and pry strokes. It is great for solo canoeing as well as with a partner. First you start with a draw, following through with a forward stroke and ending with a bit of a pry.

To see how these strokes are done, watch the video below:

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