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The 19 items the pros want you to carry into the woods

Without customization, your first aid kit is potentially just a heavy and bulky piece of junk. Yes, you read that right. Whether it’s an expedition kit costing hundreds of dollars or a simple pocket kit ordered off eBay, commercially pre- packaged first aid kits are often stocked with items that you’ll never need or can be improvised quickly in the field. By creating your own first aid kit you can customize the items to address specific environments, existing medical conditions and the needs of your group.

Consider length of trip, size of group, level of experience and training, types of activities, destination and medical backgrounds of your group when designing your kit. Pack your kit in something light and waterproof. Use small watertight bags within, like Ziplocs, to organize and categorize items for easy access.

While many outdoor retailers carry prepared commercial kits, they... 



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