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Bear Photo: Flickr user granada_turnier

Four tips for surviving your worst fear

So a black bear walks into a Subway restaurant and orders a cold cut combo… True story from Kitamat, B.C., where Rebecca Branton locked herself in the staff bathroom (great strategy) and the bear left the store without a bite to eat.

If you’re camping and a black bear gets too close for comfort, follow these steps:


  • 1) Back away slowly, avoiding eye contact.
  • 2) If it advances, look big, wave your arms and make noise. Stand your ground and group together.
  • 3) Grab your bear spray. Canadian bear expert, Steve Herrero, found that it deterred aggressive bears in 92 per cent of cases.
  • 4) If it attacks, fight back. Kick, punch, swing sticks and frying pans aiming for the bear’s eyes and snout—nobody, not even a black bear, likes a poke in the nose.


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This photo was taken by Flickr user granada_turnier and licensed through Creative Commons. 


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