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Five paddles in order. Photo: Hannah Griffin

Did You Miss Our Top 5 Stories?

It’s been a great year of paddling. But did you miss out on our most popular stories of 2017? Check out the top five stories below. 

1) Choosing The Best Canoe Paddle 

Figuring out the best paddle for you is about understanding different designs and materials, but also about how the paddle actually feels as you move through the water. Follow our guide below to help you buy the paddle that works best for you.

Follow our guide in the full story below…

DIY Upgrades
Photo: Hannah Griffin

2) 5 Easiest DIY Canoe Upgrades

Canoes don’t stay the same forever. Wear, different paddling conditions and changing needs can all call for modifications. Many paddlers believe modifications are the domain of professional canoe builders, but there are many do-it-yourself modifications anyone can do. Try these to add value to your canoe in terms of comfort, performance and aesthetics

Click here to read the five easiest canoe modifications that you can do…

blowing up
Photo and Video: Adam Koekkoek

3) Why This Guy Blew Up His Homemade Cedar Strip Canoe 

A collective ‘WTF’ rang through the office at Rapid Media after this video made it’s rounds.  From the canoe being fired at by a shotgun, to a heart dropping (literally) toss off a cliff, our questions only multiplied.  Why, on any earth would a high school counsellor and self taught woodworker destroy a canoe that took up six months of his life?

Click here to watch the video and find out why…

better canoeist
Photo: Reid McLaughlin

4) 5 Strokes To Make You A Better Canoeist 

The way your paddle interacts with the water dictates how your canoe moves and the kind of experience you have as a canoeist. Learning a range of useful strokes will make you a versatile paddler who can canoe in different conditions and situations with greater confidence. Over the years, Canoeroots has brought you many important skills, and of these we have handpicked the top five most important canoe strokes to make you a better canoeist.

Check out the five strokes here…

bench bucket
Photo: Hannah Griffin 

5) Do You Prefer Bench or Bucket Seat? 

Your favorite canoe seat usually depends on what type of paddling you partake in. While materials, weight, length and trim are all aspects most paddlers consider when they are in the market for a canoe, rarely do we reconsider how we sit in our boats. Strangely enough, where we live determines how we sit. 

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