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Weight-saving innovations to make your portages easier

Swift Canoe and Kayak have an interesting way of building their canoes. They are built by infusing all 33 pieces of fabric, 15 pieces of foam and couple of secret layers in a dry bag. When everything is pressed down, the vaccum pulls the resin through the boat. Not only is this process enviromentally friendly, it also saves about 22% in hull weight according to Swift Canoe and Kayak.

The gunnels in the canoe are shaped foam wrapped in carbon, and are actually infused with the boat. This process saves around six pounds on a tandem canoe.

New this year from Swift Canoe and Kayak is the Carbon Tech Package. This package includes carbon decks, carbon grab bars, carbon thwarts, carbon portage yoke and the brand new carbon seat frame. 

All of these features makes a 17-foot tripping boat weigh only 37-pounds. That will make for a nice portage. 

Check out more in the video below:


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