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Canoeroots, Spring 2017 cover. Cover Photo: Ontario Tourism/ Courtney Boyd

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 Birchbark Revival

How a Traditional Canoe Building Program is Connecting First Nations Youth to Their Roots

It's a cool misty morning at the powwow grounds of Anemki Wajiw, which overlook the City of Thunder Bay on Fort William First Nation on Lake Superior's north shore. A group of four young women are prepping the workspace and materials to build a birchbark canoe. They've already gathered the bark, spruce roots, cedar and spruce gum from the land, following traditions of their ancestors. They work as part of a resurgence of Ojibwe culture at Fort William, but what appears to be a lesson of craftsmanship is actually about respect – for the land, culture and each other. 



Seven New Ways to Make Money in Canoes

Seven New Ways to Make Money in Canoes

From Millenials to septuagenarians, decorated degree holders to self-taught artists, meet seven diverse paddlers for whom a day spent on the water is simply another day on the job. For these water-lovers, the canoe isn't merely a pastime but a way of life – and a modern tool for doing business. 



Five Lessons to Learn from the Fast Growing World of Forest Schools

Five Lessons to Learn from the Fast-Growing World of Forest Schools

Forest schools all over the world are taking kids into the woods, where they can explore, connect and get to know the world around them. Dive into the world of forest school philosophy with five lessons that will add to the richness of your family's outdoor adventures. 



Why the Most Innovative New Outdoor Gear is Being Crowdsourced

Why the Most Innovative New Outdoor Gear is Being Crowdsourced 

At some point in your consumer life, you've probably asked "Why doesn't a _____________ exist ?" Emma Drudge, former editor of Canoeroots' sister publication, Rapid, explores the ins and outs of crowdsourcing as a way to bring innovation and profit back into the canoeing world. 


Canoescapes Wilderness Photography

Canoescapes: Incredible Photography from the World's Best Wilderness Photographers

Enjoy spectacular captures from the likes of Peter Mather, Scott Waeschle, Ben Eby, Rob Nelson and more. 


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