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Kayaker Sets Out to Break World Record; City of Toronto Proposed Paddlers Access Plans; Paddle to Alaska Team Sets Off; Storm Gathering USA kicks off this Weekend

Toronto Harbor

Paddling Access Improvement Proposed for Lake Ontario Paddlers in Toronto

The city of Toronto has a $500,000 plan in motion to provide five paddling nodes to Lake Ontario’s waterfront throughout the GTA. 

From Scarborough to Etobicoke, the city’s hopes are to create easier access for paddlers, and fishermen with these proposed avenues, adding that for now, paddlers will have to bring their own equipment, but there may be a possibility of a partnership with an outfitter in the future.

These nodes could provide the passage paddlers have been striving towards. Five may seem like a small number for such a large, populated city, but it’s certainly a start. 

According to a city report, the proposed sites include, Bluffers Park, Marie Curtis Park, Prince of Wales Park, Humber Bay Park West, and Coronation Park. 



New Water Sports Foundation Logo

Rapid Media publisher Scott MacGregor and designer Grace Fisher collaborated with The Water Sports Foundation (WSF) to produce the new Paddle Responsibly logo for the U.S. Coast Guard’s Office of Boating Safety.

The logo was first conceptualized by WSF when it became apparent that the current Boat Responsibly logo does not necessarily apply to paddlesports use. With USCG approval, WSF sought a new logo design leading to the the approved version available for immediate use.

The new Paddle Responsibly logo will be used on websites, newsletters, blogs, social media pages and even printed materials with the Coast Guard's permission.


Waterfront Trail Organization to Celebrate Final Great Lake in Trail System 

The Lake Huron North Channel Cycling Route is a northern addition to the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail and is set to be launched on June 9th,  2017. 

Executive director, of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust, Marlain Koelher told us, "This 380-kilometer section of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail is proud to be designated as part of the Trans-Canada Trail, our national trail system." 

"The initiative is possible thanks to a generous grant by the Ontario Trillium Foundation, support from Tourism Northern Ontario and the participation of 22 northern communities and First Nations connected by the route." Exclaims Koelher. 

Thanks to the the northern extension of the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail from Sault Ste. Marie to Sudbury the full trail is now 2,000 kilometers in length. 

The event on June 9, 2017 begins in Prince Township, about 25 kilometers west of Sault Ste. Marie on the shore of Lake Superior.

Click here to find out more here at the Waterfront Trail Organizations Website


Second Storm Gathering USA To be Held in Trinidad, California

An increasingly popular event in the United States, Storm Gathering will be held this weekend, March 3 to 5, 2017 in Trinidad, California. 

A sister event to the UK Storm Gathering Symposium which just celebrated its eighth event, Storm Gathering USA is a sea kayaking symposium crafted for those willing to take their skills to the next level. 

Find out more about the event here, and if you plan on attending, be sure to contact our Adventure Kayak editor Gabe Rivett-Carnac. 

Screen Shot 2017 03 01 at 4.53.02 PM 

Traci Lynn Martin to Attempt 8,600 Mile World Record 

The current unofficial record for longest solo trip by kayak belongs to Freya Hoffmeister, from Germany, who circumnavigated Australia in just 322 days, paddling 8,570 miles. 

Martin plans to attempt 8,600 miles in 265 days. 

Beginning on March 13, 2017 if weather permits, Martin will start in Port Huron, and hopes to reach Lake Superior by June after paddling the circumference of Lake Michigan. 

The journey could take up to 10 months, on Just Around the Pointe’s site, Martin has said the finish date will be “sometime in December,” celebrated at Lake Erie Metro Park. 

Read more about Traci Lynn Martin’s goal here

Screen Shot 2017 03 01 at 3.40.27 PM

Potential Loss Of Ruins Wave On Ottawa River 

Some Ontario kayakers are voicing concerns over the potential loss of a popular river wave.

The Deschênes Rapids on the north shore of the Ottawa River are situated at the ruins of a dam built more than a century ago. The land is currently owned by Transport Quebec, and proposed plans to demolish them center around public safety. Six people have died or gone missing near the rapids at the ruins in the last decade.

While some local residents are concerned about the loss of history in Aylmer, kayakers are lamenting the loss of a world class surf wave. The walls of the ruins funnel the water, creating a large standing wave that can be surfed. Paddlers from all over the world travel to the ruins wave, especially in early spring when the water levels are high.

Appearing on CBC’s Radio’s Ottawa Morning on March 1, Canadian Freestyle Kayaking Team member Joel Kowalski acknowledged he is sympathetic about the safety concerns, but thinks a compromise is possible.

“There is a way to mitigate the risks of that site all the while not only keeping it an amazing area for river users, but you could even improve it while maintaining that heritage significance.”

Hear the full interview with Kowalski here. 


Paddle to Alaska 

Three Australian paddlers Taylar Reid, Nic Lowe, and Chris Porter, are planning to attempt a 2,500 kilometer expedition from Vancouver, BC to Skagway, AK. They will be embarking on this journey in July, and have chosen to take the outer passage along the Pacific Ocean to challenge themselves to the fullest. 

As a novice paddlers, Reid and Lowe will be joined by seasoned kayaker, Chris Porter.

"For me this will likely be my last major trip and my goal is to inspire both Nic and Tay to want to go on and do further trips in remote wilderness areas." Says Porter, 56. 

The expedition will begin this July. You can follow their adventure on Instagram.

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