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Press Release: 32nd Annual Canoeing and Wilderness Symposium Courtesy of Wilderness and Canoe Symposium Website

Canoeists and outdoors enthusiasts alike are welcome to attend this wilderness symposium held in Toronto, Ontario

The WSC has come a long way since its first gathering in founder, George Luste’s living room in 1986. 

On February 24-25, 2017, the 32nd Annual Canoeing and Wilderness Symposium will be held at Monarch Park Collegiate Auditorium. 

A gathering created for like-minded outdoors enthusiasts to share their admiration of our beloved northern Canadian habitat, all while highlighting the increasing pressure it faces in our modern world. 


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Presenters include people from all walks of life; authors, filmmakers, educators, and more who will gather for two days to share their northern perspectives. 

From Laura Rietveld’s “ The Making of Okpik’s Dream” a back story on her film that won Grand Prize in the 2015 Montreal First Peoples Festival, to Jeff Wright’s presentation “How to Make Love in a Canoe”, canoeists and kindred spirits will love these captivating narratives. 

To learn more, visit the Wilderness and Canoe Symposium's Website


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