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A man eats salmon while camping using The Muncher, a new multi-utensil from Full Windsor. Photo: Full Windsor

A Kickstarter campaign for a titanium camping multi-utensil has raised $160,000

Thought the versatility of the spork was revolutionary? A Kickstarter campaign for a multi-utensil called The Muncher has gained serious traction on the crowdfunding site and attention from backcountry campers who want one utensil for everything.

The Muncher, a camping multi-utensil from Full Windsor

Promoted as the world’s most functional multi-utensil by the creators, outdoor brand Full Windsor, The Muncher has ten distinct functions and weighs just .8 ounces. It includes a spork on one end, a peeler and bottle opened in the middle, a cord cutter, a can opener, a serrated butter knife, a box cutter and a plybar/flathead screwdriver. It comes with an option of a carrying case outfitted with a carabiner and a ferro fire flint.

The Muncher, a camping multi-utensil from Full Windsor

Full Windsor founder Mark came up with the idea for The Muncher by looking into how he could reduce the amount of gear he needing when heading outdoors. He loved the spork but thought more could done for the multi-utensil. The Kickstarter campaign had a goal of $15,000 and has exceeded that number by $145,000 with 2,775 backers.

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The Kickstarter campaign for The Muncher is intended to allow Full Windsor to make the tooling and place the order for the initial production run.


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