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The Paddle in the Park contest deadline is October 25

The Paddle in the Park Contest is in its fourth year of encouraging people to spend more time engaged in parks and the wilderness. The founding principle of the contest is the idea that being in nature is inherently rewarding. The group of outdoor enthusiasts who run Paddle in the Park listed nine rewards that being in nature offers, and added one more—a tangible representation of the nine previous items in the form of a handcrafted Badger canoe paddle and additional gear and prizes.

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There are multiple components to the contest including Badger canoe paddles hidden in different wilderness areas of the province for participants to find.

A Paddle in the Park contestant

The paddle-finding part of the contest has ended this year, but the Paddle Points event is ongoing. To enter, upload photos of you, your friends or family camping and completing tasks from the list of outdoor related challenges for a chance to win gear and prizes including a new Nova Craft Prospector. You can double your points by including the #RewardsAreOutThere hashtag with your photos or Paddle Points flag image. The more photos you enter, the more points you collect.

There is more than $7,000 of gear and prizes to give away. Contest ends October 25. Full info here. 

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