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A shot of Mike Ranta's 2016 solo canoe journey across Canada Photo: Mike Ranta

The solo canoe tripper and his trusted canine partner arrive in Cape Breton on the final day of a seven month journey

Canadian Mike Ranta completed a 7,500 kilometer canoe trip today in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. Ranta began the expedition on April 1 of this year in Steveston, BC and used the journey to raise funds for Canadian veterans. He finished on day 200 at The Royal Canadian Legion in Dominion Beach. Ranta was accompanied by his purebred Finnish Spitz, Spitzii.

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Along the journey Ranta has invited veterans to meet him and sign his Souris canoe. Ranta and Spitzii experienced the country’s geographic diversity as they travelled up the Fraser River, through the Kootenay Mountains, the prairies, his hometown of Atikokan in northern Ontario, along Lake Superior and out to the east coast.

Mike Ranta's 2016 canoe trip route.

This isn’t the 45-year-old’s first experience with an extended solo canoe trip. In 2015 he completed a cross-Canada trip that made him the first person to cross North America solo by canoe in a single season. His arrival in Cape Breton today makes him the first person to do it twice. 


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