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The Future of Omer Stringer's Beaver Canoe Brand Photo: Courtesy


With the closure of 133 Targets across Canada, what will become of the historic Beaver Canoe brand started by canoeist Omer Stringer? Ed Conroy shares the history and future of this iconic outdoor brand on BlogTO:

"As bargain hunters descend like locusts from above to pick over the bones of Target Canada, chances are they won't find any decent clothing items from the popular Beaver Canoe line left on the shelves. One of Target's very few smooth moves was landing exclusive rights to the brand from parent company Roots, making affordable shirts, sweaters and jackets which celebrated Canadiana and '80s nostalgia with equal relish. Many wear the logo: a stylized Beaver fashioned above a chunky font announcing BEAVER CANOE, Built by Omer Stringer. Few know the origin.

Omer Stringer was born on Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park in 1912 and over his busy lifetime quietly revolutionized the art and skill of canoeing..."

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