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Bell is Back Photo: Chris Gibbs/C5 Adventure

After an eight-year hiatus, Ted Bell returns to boat building

When Ted Bell describes the stroke he does in his Magic solo canoe on a still morning, his blue eyes twinkle. “You have to do what you love. For me that’s building canoes and paddling; pretty much what I’ve done my whole life.”

Eight years after selling Bell Canoe Works, he’s back in business with a mission to establish a new brand of tripping canoes.

Bell’s new line, called Northstar Canoes and operating under parent company Bell Composites, has been met with enthusiasm from the paddling community. The canoes began showing up on American showroom floors in 2013 and its small first-year run sold out by fall. This year, the new company hit its stride, manufacturing double the amount and expanding the line to include six models. Like Bell’s original canoes, the new fleet of signature craft is designed for both experienced and recreational paddlers, and for cruising as well as extended trips...



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