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Paddling and Romance Photo: Canadian Canoe Museum

From a thousand sentimental valentines, to beautifully-varnished courting canoes, to clever songs that explore just how many things can be rhymed with "canoe," canoes and romance go together like, well, a horse and carriage. In the early years of the twentieth century, on countless summer evenings across North America, the waterways were full of young men and women chatting, courting, paddling and sometimes canoedling as they sought a little quiet time together afloat.

With the help of hundreds of images gleaned from postcards, advertising, sheet music and magazines, accompanied by the strains of popular songs, movie clips and of course a collection of luxurious courting canoes, the Canadian Canoe Museum will explore this engaging topic in a new exhibit opening Wednesday April 23rd, 2014. Learn more about this new exhibit here

The exhibit will feature some of Ken Kelly's canoe, which were featured in the Spring 2014 issue of Canoeroots. Read this feature story here

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