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A canoeist in a red canoe on an alpine lake. Photo: Flickr user Mim Tasters.

Discover the six add-ons that will make your adventures bigger, bolder and more comfortable

You are standing at the put-in with your well-loved canoe, a PFD and paddle and gear for a weekend canoe trip. Your equipment and food is meticulously packed and organized. The lake is calm. The weather forecast is perfect. Isn’t everything great? Well, yes, but your canoeing experience could be even better with these six canoe accessories you didn’t even know you needed.

1. Drybags for Canoeists

Drybags are essential for canoeists. You can store electronics, extra sets of water treatment and matches, ID, maps and books. They are also great for packing a day kit with lunch and sunscreen, and their straps can be hooked onto the gunwales or thwarts of a canoe for secure placement and easy access. They come in a range of sizes and shapes to suit everything you want to protect from your beloved DSLR camera to your daily medications. Explore drybags here.

2. Canoe rack

Show your canoe some love with a canoe rack to call home when it’s not cruising lakes and rivers. It is no secret that proper storage of a canoe can extend the boat’s life by decades. Whether you have one go-to canoe or a whole fleet, our Paddling Buyer’s Guide has your storage needs covered. Explore canoe racks here.

3. Canoe trip electronics

Increase your ability to stay safe and in touch on long and remote canoe trips with electronics like a GPS, spot device or satellite phone. Even though canoe trips are a great time to get away from constantly being plugged in, having a means of communication just in case is great investment in your well-being, even if it stays happily stored in a drybag for the duration of your expedition. Learn more about electronics for canoe trips here.

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4. Canoe mounts

Can you picture yourself relaxing in your canoe waiting for a fish to bite with a cup of hot coffee in hand? Make your canoeing activities simpler with a mount. Mount functions range from holding your paddle to your fishing rod to your cup of coffee, and allow you to simplify and worry less about your different possessions falling out of the boat when not in use. Discover your next canoe mount here.

5. Throw bag

A throw bag is a necessity for any canoeist. It makes both you and your paddling partner safer in case someone ends up accidently swimming from the boat, regardless of the length of your trip or water features you will be paddling. A throw bag can be clipped onto the bow or stern handles for easy access. Make sure to practice throwing it before your trip.  See throw bags.

6. Canoe cart

Canoe carts can be a serious luxury when transporting your boat. They are relatively small given their large utility, can fit in the trunk and have sturdy wheels designed for roots and rocky trails. If you are unable or not interested in putting your canoe on your back, a canoe cart is a great option for getting your boat to the water. Some adventurers also use canoe carts on long expeditions to make endless portages more bearable. Explore canoe carts here.

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