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The Newest In Technology For The Outdoors

Each year, Americans spends $120 billion on outdoor recreation products and services, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. That’s a whole lot of awesome new apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Of the hundreds of new products aimed at canoeists and campers this year, these are our favorites. Discover the coolest innovations for the closet gadget geek. 


Paired with your smartphone, the slim Beartooth enables your device to act like a two-way radio, so you can talk and text with other users in a five- to 10-mile range, no WiFi or network needed. For casual backcountry travelers, the Beartooth offers communication (as well as a backup charge for your smartphone), without the price tag of a satellite phone.


EnerPlex Jumpr Slate 5K

Super light and thin, EnerPlex’s Jumpr Slate slips into pockets or a gear bag, charging electronics with an integrated micro USB or Lightning tether. Charge your smartphone, tablet, camera, GPS and more.


SMS Audio Wired Sport Headphones

Fitness paddlers will love these headphones. They sound great, they’re comfortable and thanks to a stay-fit wing, they won’t fall out. The Wired Sport doesn’t block out ambient sound, making it easy to remain aware of your surroundings.


Protocol Galileo Drone

We can’t get enough of drone-perspective videos of tiny boats in big, wild landscapes. With solid aerial control and an included budget camera, the affordable Galileo offers an entry-point for aspiring filmmakers looking for some high-flying fun. Just beware that few of your fellow paddlers will appreciate the zzzzzz of a drone accompanying their wilderness experience. Use sparingly.


Intova Duo

Intova’s waterproof action camera, Duo, is user-friendly, super durable and way cheap. The removable, rugged housing floats and can withstand depths of 100 feet. Your footage of gunwale bobbing won’t win the grand prize at Banff, but for family videos, weekend trips and YouTube it more than satisfies.

$49.99 | WWW.INTOVA.NET 

EnerPlex Kickr IV

Originally designed for the U.S. military, the Kickr is flexible and durable. This solar-powered charger is also super lightweight and compact, and powerful enough to charge mobile electronics at the same rate as a wall outlet. Best charged in direct sunlight.


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