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The Gear You Want: Weekend Road Warrior Photo: Alex Cousins

Gear previews for the newest canoe gear for weekend road warriors

Each year, Americans spends $120 billion on outdoor recreation products and services, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. That’s a whole lot of awesome new apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Of the hundreds of new products aimed at canoeists and campers this year, these are our favorites. Discover the coolest innovations for weekend road warriors.

Yeti Tundra 45

Though not new in the strictest sense of the word—the Tundra 45 actually debuted in 2008—we’ve yet to find a better cooler anywhere. Striking a balance between portability at 25 pounds and capacity at 26 cans, we won’t car camp without it. Sit on it, cast from it or sic a grizzly on it, the Tundra 45 is near indestructible. It also fits perfectly between canoe gunwales, ideal for family trips when keeping troops fed with real food is more important than being light and fast.

Duluth Urban Pack

An heirloom in the making, the Urban Pack has the gorgeous heritage qualities we expect from Duluth’s traditional bags. Spacious inside with two snap front pockets, you’ll find this versatile backpack perfect for adventurous getaways and daily commutes.

BioLite NanoGrid

By far the coolest lighting and charging system we’ve seen, BioLite’s NanoGrid is a compact energy hub. The main PowerLight is flashlight, mini lantern and USB device charger all in one. The daisy chain SiteLights provide the coziest network of customizable overhead lighting possible off-grid. Not even Pinterest can beat this.

Cabin Supply Co Decals

With a company mantra of embracing the spirit of the weekend adventurer, it’s no wonder that we immediately began sticking our shipment of Cabin Supply Co decals to anything that stood still long enough. Bumpers, boats, water bottles and babies—only these four decals were spared.

Fugoo Tough Speaker

“Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway!” Turned to 10, not even Steppenwolf’s heavy metal thunder distorted on the ultra-rugged Tough by Fugoo. Waterproof, with 360-degree sound and near-limitless mounting...


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