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The Gear You Want: New School Boy Scout Photo: Alex Cousins

Gear previews for the new school boy scouts

Each year, Americans spends $120 billion on outdoor recreation products and services, according to the Outdoor Industry Association. That’s a whole lot of awesome new apparel, equipment, accessories and services. Of the hundreds of new products aimed at canoeists and campers this year, these are our favorites. Discover the coolest innovations for new school boy scouts.

Columbia Sportswear OutDry Extreme

Though Columbia’s new OutDry Extreme may not look so different from the clammy rubber duck suits of yore, this two-layer breathable shell is a game-changer. The tough external fabric will never wet out yet contains millions of tiny perforations to allow water vapor to escape, while the inner layer wicks moisture away from the skin.

Wacaco MiniPresso

Camp coffee doesn’t have to be synonymous with picking grounds out of your teeth. The sleek MiniPresso promises a gourmet-style hit of java wherever you are. Bold and modern, this is the smallest and lightest handheld espresso machine on the market. You supply the hot water, ground coffee and a brilliant sunrise, the MiniPresso does the rest.

Klecker Knives Klax Lumberjack

Successfully funded via a Kickstarter campaign, we love this innovative multi- tool axe head. The Lumberjack features seven tools, including a knife blade, gut hook, wrench set and ruler. The head’s patent-pending clamp system allows users to fashion their own handle in the field if preferred.

Bending Branches Explorer

All of Bending Branches’ sustainable wood canoe paddles over $100 were redesigned last year, and they’re lighter and more beautiful than ever. This basswood Explorer boasts the look and durability of a very high-end paddle while remaining affordable to the...


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