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Gear Preview: North Water’s Spray Deck Photo: courtesy North Water

Protection from the weather and the cold when paddling off-season

Weather and spray protection—beautiful words to paddlers in the off-season. A spray deck greatly reduces the amount of water your boat will take on in big waves and rapids, while also minimizing the punishing effects of wind. In addition to keeping out water that could otherwise swamp a boat, a spray deck also provides a cozy cockpit for the paddler.

One of the most trusted names in spray deck manufacturing, North Water’s spray deck designs pair high-grade materials with a custom fit—each deck is manufactured to the specs and seat placement of the customer’s canoe. Most of the spray deck is made of vinyl-coated polyester, which sheds water easily. The skirt of each paddling station is made of a waterproofed fabric and features two-inch-wide Velcro closure strips. The closures are super secure, yet allowed us to easily exit the cockpit quickly at any time. We like pulling the skirt all the way up to armpit height for ultimate weather protection. A large zippered cargo pocket is available for most spray deck designs, so paddlers can access gear without removing the deck.

A series of tiny holes must be drilled below the gunwale of the canoe to create attachment points for the deck. This can be intimidating for first-timers, but North Water has easy online instructions to follow along with. The holes are threaded with nylon cordage then secured with vinyl patches to keep water out. Webbing loops on the spray deck provide contact points for lacing the deck to the canoe. This system allows the deck to be drawn tight to shed water and takes just a couple minutes to secure.

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