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A boat full of rafters floats down a river in Colorado Credit: Denver Post

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Hypar Folding Kayak 


Hypar is changing the game completely with it’s peculiar hull design, and the fact it also fits into  the growing folding kayak trend at just over 10kg. 

Hyper claims its design was made to mimic the movement of water when it’s been pierced by a moving object to reduce drag, hence its sharp bow and wide stern. 


Bear Spray that Goes the Distance 

It’s the kind of situation we all hope we’re never in. Being charged by any bear, you won’t be given the option for fight or flight. 

 Sabre’s newest Frontiersman Bear Spray now boasts a 35 foot range, 20 feet longer than their other bear spray products. 

 With other selling points such as the maximum potency allowed by the EPA, and a can-emptying emissions system of 1.84oz per second, it certainly sounds better than waiting until the bear is within 15 feet. 

 To top it off, their newest holster doesn’t have troublesome straps that will slow you down when the moment is in sight. 


Snow Canoeing Fail 

And from University of Connecticut we have a very unfortunate example of how canoes are just as susceptible to gravity as the rest of us. 

Austin Frandino shared this video of himself and a few friends hopping into a canoe on a snowy HorseBarn Hill at U of Conn, only to come to the shocking conclusion that canoes are not equipped with brakes. 

We’re told the girl is okay, but we’d like to hear her thoughts on snow canoeing. 


GPS Tracking for Dogs 

map showing the tracking dots of the pet gps tracker

GPS and backcountry go hand-in-hand. So why not outfit your dog with one too? 

Tractive devices were made with dog owners in mind. With this gadget, you can even set safe zones, so if your dog leaves that perimeter, you’ll be alerted. 

However, there are some things to consider when using this app to track fido. This function relies on cell service, making backcountry a toss-up-and-a-half. 

There’s no solid feedback on how the battery life holds up, but we imagine the app sucks quite a bit of juice out of your smart phones. Which is why Tractive apps ‘Live’ tracking mode automatically turns off after ten minutes. 

Overall, if the satellites align, Tractive is a handy, and admittedly fun to use tool for dog lovers who want to keep track of their dogs whereabouts. Think of it as a Map My Walk for canines. 


Rafting Is Not Dead

A boat of rafters float down a white water river in Colorado.

Exciting news is coming out of Colorado. The Colorado River Outfitters Association has announced that 2016 was a record year for the state’s rafting industry. With $70 million dollars in direct spending, the economic impact expanded to Colorado’s communities to the tune of over $180 million dollars. 

Year to year there are climate-related factors, among others, that impact the overall success of their rafting seasons. Trends in rafting have helped lift this darling sport of the mid-to-late nineties to rise in popularity with an expansion of Colorado’s rivers being explored.


Neptune Rangers Ocean Surf

The front man for Neptune Rangers, Bill Vonnegut, sent us this great video of their crew playing in the ocean surf. Hailing from the California coast, this group of paddlers is made up of skilled enthusiasts as well as ACA certified sea kayak instructors. 

With a mix of crossover boats and sea kayaks, the game of rock gardening is not for the faint of heart. Not only is the proper gear essential, having the right skills and kayaking with a group of competent paddlers will make your day fun and safe.


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