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Scott MacGregor Talks About Great Adventure Writing and Photography; Show Specials; Meet the Editors; Special Appearances

Rapid Media’s Founder and Publisher to Speak at Outdoor Adventure Show

For those aspiring to become better outdoor writers and photographers, attend Rapid Media’s Founder, Scott MacGregor’s Friday and Saturday afternoon presentations on the Adventures in Paddling Stage

Friday Feb. 24 at 1:30p.m. 

Trip Stories That (Don’t) Suck: The Art of Great Adventure Writing

Step inside an editor's office and learn the simple rules of great adventure writing, better blogging, sizzling slideshows, and trip journals that jump off the page. This is a practical, lighthearted, and humorous guide for adventurers packing pens as well as paddles. Find out what makes a great story, and what doesn’t (Hint: Nobody cares about your blueberry pancakes). Learn the secrets to getting your stories published. How to avoid the six most common adventure writing pitfalls. Plus, the top 10 ways even pros can improve their adventure writing.

Saturday Feb. 25 at 3:00p.m. 

Trip Photography That (Doesn’t) Suck: The Secrets Pros Don’t Share… Because They Don’t Know     

Find out what makes a great paddling image today, and what doesn’t (Hint: The bow of your boat is so like totally ‘80s). Learn the rules to getting your photos published. Discover the key differences between popular Instagram posts and award winning magazine cover photos. See the worst images ever submitted to Rapid Media. How to stop taking the photos you love, but nobody else will. Plus, the top 10 ways even the pros can improve their outdoor photography.

Click this link to see more presentations on the Adventures in Paddling Stage

 Special appearances include Canoeroots' Butt End columnist Kevin Callan, “Canada’s Indiana Jones”, Adam Shoalts who will be featured in Canoeroots latest issue, and world record holder for ”First person to solo paddle the North American Continent in One Season”, as well as holding the world record for the ”Longest Solo Canoe Expedition,” Mike Ranta. 

Meet the Editors 

Stop by Rapid Media's booth to meet the editors. Gabe Rivett-Carnac will be there for Adventure Kayak, and Alyssa Lloyd for Canoeroots. 

Show Specials

Rapid Media is gearing up for an exciting weekend as the Official Media Partners at the Outdoor Adventure Show in Ontario’s capital, Toronto. Join Rapid Media the weekend of February 24, 25, and 26th at the International Centre where parking is always free. 

The Outdoors Adventure and Travel Show is Canada's largest showcase of gear and adventure travel experiences, boasting over 300 vendors and 100 adventure presentations throughout the weekend. 

Don’t forget to stop by the booth to get a free digital subscription to one of Rapid Media’s publications; Adventure Kayak, Kayak Angler, Canoeroots, and Rapid. Enter for a chance to win a GoPro, and take advantage of a $10.00 show special. 

*** Use Rapid Media’s Promo Code OUTDOORSHOW  to save $4.00 on admission to the Outdoor Adventure Show. Follow this link to get your tickets now! ***




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