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Thirteen canoe lovers who inked their love for paddling

Getting a tattoo to celebrate your romantic relationship can be a risky move.

Couples break up, feelings change and the giant cherry-colored heart on your bicep may illustrate more emotion than you carry for the name the tattoo bears. Canoeing tattoos, however, are different. If you are going to forever brand a relationship on your body, the one you have with canoeing is a fairly safe bet. How often do you hear of someone having a falling out with canoeing, or developing trust issues with their canoe, or even—god forbid— catching their canoe using Tinder? Not often.

Here are 15 canoeing tattoos we think are pretty awesome, and stand a good chance of avoiding being transformed into a kayak in fifteen years. 


Looking out at the paddle ahead 

A canoeists tattoo


The canoe on the rocky shore

A canoeists tattoo


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Ten times better than a generic tribal armband 



Portaging tattoo #1: In the middle of the trail portager 

Canoeing tattoo


Portaging tattoo #2: A stylized version of a Badger paddle logo on David Wilfong's leg



Portaging tatoo #3: The simple portager 



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We love this tattoo, but if you come across a duck nearly the size of your canoe, run.  



Simple and classic

Canoeing tattoo


The paddle compass

Canoeing tattoo on someone's wrist.


Where is that squirrel's PFD? 



A colorful sleeve landscape

Canoeing tattoo on someone's arm.


For the alpine canoeist



The solo paddler

A canoeists tattoo


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