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Betcha Didn't Know About Red Canoes Photo: Rob Faubert

A few things you probably didn't know about red canoes

  • Which came first: Bill Mason or the popularity of red canoes? Hard to say for sure, but the iconic red canoe has since been co-opted to sell everything from heritage clothing (Red Canoe Brand) to upscale cuisine (Red Canoe Bistro).

  • During the early 20th century the Chestnut Canoe Company offered their wood-canvas canoes in two stock colors, either red or green. A third color made by mixing green with a porch grey enamel was offered on working class freighters and some other models—the color was called Dead Grass.

  • “I am contacted from time to time by canoeing enthusiasts around the world wanting to know the exact color that Bill Mason’s canoe was painted,” reports Canadian Canoe Museum curator, Jeremy Ward. Bill Mason’s daughter, Becky, recently donated a half-can of red paint found in the Mason canoe shed. “It has a Chestnut brand on the label, matching exactly the color of Bill’s famous red Prospector displayed at the CCM, in case there are still any keeners wanting a color match.”

  • Men in red are more desirable to women, according to a study published in the Journal of Experimental Psychology. When asked to rate pictures of men wearing a variety of colors, women...


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