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Expert advice for finding your perfect match here

Looking for that perfect canoe? To meet your match, we break down the elements of canoe design and share tips from the experts so you can find the right boat for your adventures.

  1. Before wandering into your local outdoor retailer or canoe manufacturer, take time to determine what type of canoeing you would like to do. Be wary of the “a canoe is a canoe” sales pitch or the does-it-all model—there are many versatile models out there, but they may not perform optimally for the paddling you want to do.
  2. “When someone comes in looking to buy a canoe I start with the same questions: What kind of paddling do you do, where do you see yourself going, do you need to lift it onto your car by yourself, where will you store it, how important is weight—are you looking for something stable, fast or nimble?” says Darren Bush, owner of Rutabaga Paddlesports in Madison, Wisconsin.
  3. “I also ask customers what other sports and activities they do. If someone is into cross-country skiing and cycling I know they’re athletic and probably have good balance, and I’ll recommend a higher performance boat,” adds Bush.
  4. The dimensions of a canoe—length, width and depth—will be rough indicators of a canoe’s performance—its speed, stability, capacity and seaworthiness.
  5. Length is the primary factor in determining speed. When comparing two canoes of different lengths, everything else being equal, the longer canoe will be faster. The canoe’s width and cross-sectional shape determine stability. A wider canoe has more initial stability. Narrow canoes are generally faster and more efficient in the water... Click here to continue reading in the free desktop edition of The 2015 Paddling Buyer's Guide.  

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