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Morning paddle Photo: Peter Bowers

My first canoe was a junker.

A generation older than me, this hand-me-down was just 14 feet long and weighed in at a hefty 80 pounds. It was all fiberglass, aluminum and paint. The multiple cover-up jobs had taken it from blue to green to rubber duck yellow in a half-assed attempts to hide the many scratches, chips and gauges in the hull.

Car topping it solo was out of the question—the right-hand side mirror of my parent’s van was a testament to why—and solo lifting it onto my shoulders to portage was a feat of both acrobatics and athletics with only a 50 percent chance of success or chiropractic failure.

Once on the water though, none of that mattered...Click here to continue reading in the free desktop edition of The 2015 Paddling Buyer's Guide.  

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