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Constellation Lake Photo: Mike Monaghan

The enduring attraction of adventure and discovery

 This article written by James Raffan about the everlasting attraction of adventure first appeared in the Summer/Fall issue of Canoeroots. 


My first real rain suit came from the sports department of a discount department store. It was heavy, made of a rubberized cotton-nylon blend and camo-colored for stealth in the deep woods. Just 10 years old, I wore it proudly—around the house, in the shower and prancing in my sunny backyard, sweating like a pig and wishing for rain.

Back in those days, a rectangle of that same material served as a groundsheet. When laid inside a floorless Egyptian cotton tent, it was all that was between the dirt and me during overnight outings on the land and water trails of my youth.

The following morning, everything I owned—the Gordie Howe autographed sleeping bag from the Eaton’s catalogue, extra socks and underwear—was rolled up. It was tied with the greatest of care inside that same groundsheet in what my Scout leader optimistically called a waterproofed camp kit.

By comparison, nowadays I’m camping in luxury...


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