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Boat Review: Vallinga Vuntut 10

Written by Alyssa Lloyd
As a toddler Otto Vallinga would take his toy boats down to the nearby St. Clair River for impromptu buoyancy testing. Launching his baubles into…
When Wenonah Canoes’ new T-Formex Spirit II showed up at the Canoeroots office last fall in all its cherry-red glory, its mere existence marked the beginning of…

Esquif Canoes At Paddlesports Retailer

Written by Rapid Media Staff
The word of the week at Paddlesports Retailer 2017 was T-formex. Esquif Canoes brought three new boats built out of this material.  The first two…
Mad River Canoe brought the new Explorer 16 to Paddlesports Retailer 2017. These canoes we’re previously built with royalex but Mad River Canoe wasn't happy…

First Look: Nova Craft Fox Solo Canoe

Written by Rapid Media Staff
Nova Craft Canoe has introduced an excellent new solo canoe, the 14-foot Fox. The volume of this canoe is what really sets it apart from…
Northstar Canoes brought its new products to Paddlesports Retailer 2017. The highlight is the IXP lamination, designed to be extremely tough. This makes Northstar Canoes…
All photos by Frank Wolf  When plastics conglomerate Poly-One shut down production of Royalex in 2013, canoe manufacturers scrambled to replace the favored hull material…
Nestled amongst the carbon fiber hulls, sleek silhouettes and gorgeous cherry wood trims in the Canoeroots garage, the Discovery 169 stands alone. It’s a little thicker…

Boat Review: Trailhead Canoe Regen 17

Written by Canoeroots Staff
Trailhead has a long history of providing the ideal canoe for northern river expeditions. Since 1976, the Ottawa-based retail shop has produced their own canoes,…

Boat Review: Wenonah Minnesota II

Written by Canoeroots Staff
We wanted to get into the backcountry fast and fly across the portage trails. Our ride for this ambitious 60-kilometer weekend route was Wenonah’s sleek…
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