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Boat Review: Old Town Canoes Discovery 169 Photo: Hannah Griffin

The easy handling and carrying capacity of the Discovery 169 won us over

Nestled amongst the carbon fiber hulls, sleek silhouettes and gorgeous cherry wood trims in the Canoeroots garage, the Discovery 169 stands alone.

It’s a little thicker around the middle, a bit more chunky in its trim. Certainly, at 91 pounds, it’s one of the “bigger-boned” tandems we’ve ever tested.

Some might be tempted to pass over this husky polyethylene tripper in favor of a slimmer and sexier option—but we wouldn’t. The venerable Discovery 169 is perfect for your next family expedition. Here’s why.

Renowned for the last three decades for its versatility and durability, the Discovery 169 is favored by Scout camps, outfitters, trippers and recreational paddlers who want to paddle far, bring lots of gear and forget about babying their precious boats.

You might already know how this boat handles because it seems like everyone has paddled the Disco at least once. If so, it’s just as you remember: Agile, stable and easy to handle. Its stable shallow-arch hull and 37-inch beam ensure the family hound and kids can throw themselves side-to-side wildly with barely a wobble. And measuring just under 17 feet, it maintains good hull speed once...


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