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Boat Review: Wenonah Minnesota II Photo: Kaydi Pyette

The Minnesota II is the perfect fit for all types of paddlers

We wanted to get into the backcountry fast and fly across the portage trails. Our ride for this ambitious 60-kilometer weekend route was Wenonah’s sleek and fleet Minnesota II.

Late to the put-in on Saturday morning, Geoff and I set off an hour behind our friends. We caught up in half the time, our Minnesota II easily outstripping the Prospectors our friends paddled.

Right away I could tell the Minnesota II is a design any glide-junkie will fall in love with. Shallower and narrower than the average tripper, the Minnesota II’s roots are in the Gene Jensen- designed Whitewater II, a go-fast downriver racer.

“There’s been many changes and improvements to the design since,” says Wenonah Canoe vice president Bill Kueper. The tweaks may have turned a race boat into a touring-friendly model, but paddlers can still feel Jensen in the Minnesota II’s minimal rocker, sharp lines and unbeatable cruising.

“Jensen was famous for his pursuit of tracking and efficiency,” adds Kueper, and we found the Minnesota II has stayed true to those straight- tracking and performance-focused dreams. With a standard bucket seat and foot brace for the stern...


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