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Camping on Georgian Bay. Photo: Kaydi Pyette

These were the five most popular posts on from 2015—happy reading and watching!


1. Seven Reasons Why Paddling Make You A Better Person

Need to convince a partner or friend why you spend so much time playing around with boats on the water? This article is all you need. "Reason #2: You’ll make do with less. When you have to carry your possessions with you, you’re forced to bring less. It’s freeing to discover how little you need to survive and what can be achieved with the bare minimum. Leave digital distractions, consumerism and vanity at home—a PFD, canoe and paddle is the price of admission to adventure."

2. Video: Open Canoe Technique

This open canoeing video with Andrew Westwood, Etienne Green and the Madawaska Kanu Centre covers all the basics—and then some!—including what to wear to get on the river, the strokes you'll need and introductions to more advanced manuevers, like rolling you canoe, as well as basic river reading skills. Refresh or learn something new with this helpful video. 

3. Video: Nature RX

“Tired, irritable, stressed out? Try Nature! This non-harmful prescription is shown to relieve the crippling symptoms of modern life. Side effects may include confidence, authenticity, and being in a good mood for no apparent reason.” Award-winning comedy, Nature Rx, spoofs prescription drug commercials, while inspiring folks to explore and rediscover their love of the outdoors.

4. Skill: How To Sleep In Your Canoe

Longtime solo adventurer, Mike Monaghan offers expert advice for sleeping safely and comfortably in your canoe. "Make your own anchor by putting a rock in a stuff sack attached via a rope to your thwart. Don’t use too large a rock. The last thing you want to do first thing in the morning is haul up a big boulder that seems intent on taking you for an eye-opening dip in the lake," he writes. 

5. Skill: How To Paddle Forever

Whether you’re on a lengthy expedition or a day trip, paddling efficiently is always the goal. The less energy you expend on strokes, the more energy you have to go farther, go longer or indulge in post-canoe activities, like photography, guitar plucking and baking a killer loaf of molasses bread in the Dutch oven. Four experts offer advice so you can paddle a long way all day, then be ready to serenade the campfire all night.

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