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DIY cedar strip get on the water Photo: Kaydi Pyette

At Otto Vallinga’s backyard boat building shop in the little community of Corunna, a poster on the wall depicts the wise words of well-known wooden boat builder, Captain Pete Culler: “Any man who wants to can produce a good boat. It takes some study, some practice and, of course, experience. The experience starts coming the minute you begin and not one jot before.” 

At the outset, building your own kit canoe can be intimidating but the rewards of are plentiful, Vallinga assures me. As the owner and founder of kit boat designer, Get On The Water, which celebrates its tenth anniversary this summer, he’s witnessed the pride and joy of customers post-build. 

“There’s more satisfaction in building your own boat; to be out there in something you made, something you crafted, as opposed to a model taken off a shelf,” he says. 

Constructed using ¼-inch western red cedar strips, Get On The Water’s gleaming 15-foot, seven-inch Touring Canoe is beautiful. The design is the result of Vallinga’s 30-plus years in the boat-building world; a modern canoe designed for joyful paddling...

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