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Paula and Kate Kuthe give tips on how to plan a safe and enjoyable kayaking trip. Screen Shot | Water Sports Foundation

Steps To Organizing A Safe Day On The Water

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Planning Your Trip | Safer Paddling Series: Episode 5 | Rapid Media

In partnership with the U.S. Coastguard and the Water Sports Foundation, instructors Paul and Kate Kuthe of the American Canoeing Association provide the necessary tips for planning your kayaking trip in Safer Paddling Series: Episode 5.

There are certain things you must always take into account when planning a kayaking trip. First, consider how long your trip will be.

Beginner kayakers on the water for a day-trip.

Most beginner kayakers can cover about eight kilometres in half a day—assuming favourable conditions and protected water. 

A kayaker plans his trip on a map before going out on the water.

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It’s important to do your research when planning your route. Use maps or a guidebook to plan your trajectory, and ask about good trips for beginner kayakers at your local paddling shop.

A kayaker gives a friend information about their trip.

Before taking off, be sure to share your trip details with a trusted friend. Give them the four W’s: WHO you’re going with, WHERE you’re going, WHEN you’ll return, and WHAT to do if you don’t return.

Don’t forget about the wind—remember that conditions are often calmest in the morning. Remember to take into account when the sun will set, so you can assure you have enough daylight to make it home.

Be smart. Be safe. Have fun.

As a United Stated Coast Guard nonprofit grant recipient, the Water Sports Foundation produces paddling safety outreach materials and distributes them through boating and paddling media providers. Paddle sports currently has an inordinately high rate of accidents and deaths that for the past five years has been increasing, while power boating stats have been decreasing during the same period. The goal is to create heightened public awareness of safer paddling making paddle sports safer and to ultimately reduce the total number of paddle sports related deaths annually.

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